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Job Profiling

Job profiling with execcon® consinsts of

  • Job Analysis
    as a systematic process of collecting relevant, work-related information as to the nature, scope and responsibilities of jobs. Through our professional analysis we offer a greater understanding while documenting knowledge, skills and abilities, and other factors required to sussessfully perform a job. Job content describes essential functions and is a tool that will enable you to price jobs in the market and ensure improved compliance with employment related laws such as the AGG (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungs Gesetz).
  • Job Descriptions
    as an instrument to document and summarise the most important features of a job: knowledge, skills, abilities, responsibilities and reporting structure. Job descriptions may also include mental and physical requirements. Like the job analysis, job descriptions are beneficial to management and employees for: job evaluation, selection, recruitment, HR planning, social compensation plans, training, safety, compensation and performance appraisal.
  • Job Evaluation
    as an important process to determine the relative worth of each job by establishing a hierarchy of positions within an organisation. Job evaluations are essential for developing an internally consistent compensation system as a strategic tool for your organisation.